Author Jeff Van Valer writes a hilarious fictitious news article titled “Influenza Disgruntled over COVID-19 Press.” We all need a lightheartedness every now and then during this hard time, right?

First Paragraph:

In a new feud, now with late-2019 virus, COVID-19, Influenza asks, “Where the hell is my press?” Claiming an unfair level of notoriety for COVID-19 or ‘coronavirus,’ the former says, “I run a pandemic every fucking year… and where’s my quarantine? Huh?”

Read more about the feud between COVID-19 and Influenza and read why ‘Influenza suggest the fledgling illness’s importance is “grotesquely overrated….”‘

[To our sensitive readers: Warning, this article contains language that may offend.]


Read more about Jeff and his writing here.

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