Cupcakes and Computers
A Chick Lit Holiday Poem
Jena C. Henry 


Tad kept to his careful routine, every day.
He showered, pressed his pants, fed his cat.
Rode his bike to work- same route, same way,
He was a cloud architect, who understood about that? 

His head roamed in the clouds in more ways than one
Tad liked logic, to think, reason and plan
He played video games when his job was done.
He didn’t even know he was a lonely man. 

But one spring day, came a change in his world
The empty bleak space by his work- no more.
Pink signs, café tables, a cupcake flag unfurled,
His quiet block now boasted a pastry store. 

Grand Opening! A girl with a pink cap tossed him a treat.
He swerved his bike to miss the crowd.
A woman, with a black suit and air quite elite
Strode too close and into her Tad plowed! 

Tad stressed- too much commotion and fuss in his space,
He blurted, “Sorry!” and then pedaled away faster.
Still, her golden hair, her lips, glasses and briefcase!
Tad computed all day, but only saw Her in the data. 

A few days later Tad rode by the shoppe,
He looked in the window and saw Her sunlit hair.
His brain kept riding, but his body said stop.
What would it hurt to see what was in there? 

A bell tinkled, the pink cap girl said “Hi!”
Tad didn’t notice Pink, he looked at his shoes.
Until the lady of his dreams walked brusquely by.
In the game of love, Tad knew he would lose. 

In his game world that night, Tad achieved a new quest-
He found the magic seed to earn a bonus power.
Something lovely,34 that’s it, a gift will be best.
I can’t talk to her but I’ll bring her a flower

He rode to the market, grabbed a bunny vase, bouquet
Then sped to the store with the gift from his heart.
He walked in, peered, “She just left, you’re too late!”
said Pink Cap, “but I’ll leave it for her on my cupcake cart.” 

Pink Cap gave him a brownie, but he threw it away
He couldn’t eat when there was no hope.
He dreamed of his goddess, the beauteous fairy fae
Besides he liked to be alone; he knew how to cope. 

In summer, Pink Cap sported a pink tank with lace,
As Tad cycled by he only saw his Vision in line
She stared at her phone, she gestured with grace
She was strong, comely, smart, so refined. 

He didn’t want to check his systems, he wanted to try
to win her, he would take her a token.
In his bag was a shot glass with I heart NY
But he shook when he saw Her, it dropped, broken. 

Tad rode his bike as tree colors changed green to bold,
Pink Cap added a fluffy pink scarf, smiled as he passed.
The pretty leaves were like a gift, he would give his Love the gold
He walked in, paused, put the maples by Her glass. 

Tad stood by the shelves of frosted cookies and scones
He glanced as his Beauty discovered his trinket.
“What’s this- come clean this table!” then she heard a ringtone,
She swept up her papers, bolted to the door, slammed it. 

In early December he heard a jolly jingle,
As Tad tried to write his programs, configure his scripts,
Pink Cap stood by a kettle of red, his pulse began to tingle.
“I forgot it’s Christmas, I can give Her lots of gifts.” 

Every morn, he slunk in the sweet store and hunched at a table.
When his Angel strode in, Tad gave what he had found that day,
A candy cane, an insurance calendar, a card with the holy stable
A holly branch, but She was busy and bumped him away. 

The week before Christmas, he trudged through the slush.
With the wind and snow he could no longer ride.
He squinted through sleet, Pink Stocking Cap came out in a rush.
She shouted, pulled, dragged him inside. 

“My internet is down, and I have so many orders.
You fix computers, please help me get back online!”
He sputtered and fumbled as he rebooted her router.
“I need to see your server, this may take some time.” 

Pink  pushed him past the twinkling tree to her back room.
She shoved bakery boxes, pink bags, she was losing her cool.
“Hey, I don’t get tech, but I have to decorate and zoom.”
He clicked on the lights and looked for some tools. 

Tad sat at her desk and pushed away some of the mess.
He tried to clear space but he knocked something away.
What? He saw a pink bunny vase and a cracked shot glass,
A pile of dry leaves by a striped candy cane. 

He picked up the calendar, she walked in and she laughed.
He looked at Pink Cap, finally saw rosy curls,
brown sassy eyes, pink cheeks, big smile and he gasped,
“You look just like the goodies and cookies you serve!” 

“I saved every gift She left behind, I loved every one!”
“I held them each day and dreamed you would see,”
“That plain flour and sugar can combine and become
the sweetest of delights – you and me!” 

“Please kiss me,” she said. “I will, but right now
I need to plug in your server, reset your cache.”
Then hand in hand they met in a kiss and as snow
sifted down on their cozy town, they found chick-lit love at long last. 




I am a writer, blogger, book reviewer, and bon vivant and encourager. I have lived my entire life in Tropical Ohio. My goal is to make friends with everyone in the world. I wrote a fiction series, The Golden Age of Charli, that presents the problems and praises, and the love and laughter of family life and retirement. My passions are blogging, reading and reviewing, and writing. My life is a WIP. 

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