Today’s story is written by Nathan Bush, Into the Great Unknown. Enjoy!



I sat bundled with all the others, doomed to some mysterious fate.  Not knowing why or how I came to be in this predicament left me twisted up, inside and out.  The cage in which we found ourselves sat perched on the edge of a precipice, nothing before us but the gaping maw of a pitch black void.

Our cage tilted forward, heaping us together in a jumbled mass.  Unrelenting fear coursed through every fiber of my being.  I watched in horror as those ahead of me were forced into the depths of darkness.  A giant claw reached down from above, grabbing handfuls of my cellmates, indiscriminate of color, and shoved them over the lip of the enclosure.

Agonizing groans rose up from all around me, competing with a dull roaring coming from somewhere far below.  What caused the tumultuous sound, I had no clue.  But, the thunderous sound fought to drown out my thoughts.

Our cell tottered first one way, then back the other, as the claw continued to reduce our numbers in huge chunks.  The angle of our cage increased precariously with each passing second.  I could feel the others around me slipping by, dropping over the edge with blood-curdling shrieks.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before my time came.  It was inevitable.  I felt myself slowly sliding to my doom.  Would I fall over the side from gravity, or would I feel the crushing weight of the claw?  That was all that remained to be seen, and the answer would come swiftly enough.

The claw came in one final time.  Thankfully it submerged itself into those behind me, sparing me from instant obliteration.  Or might immediate death be preferred to the unknown?  It didn’t matter now.  I rushed forward, shoved from behind by the mass caught in the clutches of our antagonist.

I scrambled for a purchase to halt my momentum to no avail.  I plunged over the edge.  The sound from beneath became deafening.  As I fell, I looked on in dread at the pool below, bodies and foam churning about.  Just before I slipped into the frothing liquid consuming those that had gone before, I read the words that would forever be etched into my memory: Gentle Cycle.


Nathan Bush, contributor to The RAC (Reader/Author Connection) MagazineI write in multiple genres to include sci-fi, fantasy, horror, Christian fiction, crime, and some poetry thrown in for good measure.  But I find the small niche of Christian-crime to be the one I prefer. I published the first three books of my series: Written in Blood (2016), Root of Evil (2017), and Twisted Christian (2018), as well as my first short story, Dark Blue Rising (2018).  Links: 

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