Mary Higgins Clark, ‘Queen of Suspense’, dies on January 31, 2020, at the age of 92.

Written by Joanie Chevalier
Researched by Chris DiRusso


Mary Higgins Clark
I remember reading several of Clark’s suspense books late into the night in the 90s. (Ah, the good old days of holding a paperback in my hand.) She had written more than 67 titles, 50 of those were suspense, and all were international bestsellers. Her books have been translated into every major (and many less well-known) languages.

Guess how many of Mary Higgins Clark’s books were sold?

Over a hundred million copies in the United States alone!

Mary tells us in this video how she loved writing from day one. Thanks, Mary, your fans were sure glad you were born to write!


“She was, simply, a remarkable woman who overcame an early life of hardship and challenges, never doubting her ability as a natural-born storyteller (and she was one for the ages), and who persevered through trial and rejection until she at last achieved her Holy Grail of being a published author.” ~ Carolyn K. Reidy, President & CEO of Simon & Schuster


How many titles have you read?


1968 Aspire to the Heavens (reissued in 2000 as Mount Vernon Love Story)
1975 Where Are the Children?
1977 A Stranger is Watching
1980 The Cradle Will Fall
1982 A Cry in the Night
1984 Stillwatch
1986 Murder in Manhattan(co-author Thomas Chastain)
1987 Terror Stalks The Class Reunion (short story)
1987 Murder On The Aisle (short story)
1987 Weep No More, My Lady
1988 Caribbean Blues
1988 Double Vision (short story)
1989 While My Pretty One Sleeps
1989 That’s The Ticket” (short story)
1989 The Anastasia Syndrome and Other Stories
1989 The Lost Angel (short story)
1989 Death On The Cape (short story)
1990 “Voices in the Coal Bin” (short story, only available as an audiobook with Carol Higgins Clark’s That’s the Ticket)
1990 The Body in the Closet (short story)
1991 Loves Music, Loves to Dance
1992 All Around the Town
1992 Missing in Manhattan (co-author Thomas Chastain)
1993 I’ll Be Seeing You
1993 Death on the Cape and Other Stories
1993 Milk Run and Stowaway (Two stories. Like “Voices in the Coal Bin”, never officially published out of anthologies)
1994 Remember Me
1995 Let Me Call You Sweetheart
1995 Justice in Manhattan (co-author Thomas Chastain)
1995 Silent Night
1995 Bad Behavior
1996 Moonlight Becomes You
1996 Mother
1996 My Gal Sunday: Henry and Sunday Stories
1997 Pretend You Don’t See Her
1998 You Belong to Me
1999 We’ll Meet Again
1999 The Night Awakens
1999 The Plot Thickens(editor)
2000 Before I Say Good-Bye
2001 On the Street Where You Live
2001 He Sees You When You’re Sleeping (with daughter Carol Higgins Clark)
2002 Daddy’s Little Girl
2002 Murder in the Family
2003 The Second Time Around
2004 Nighttime Is My Time
2005 No Place Like Home
2006 Two Little Girls in Blue
2007 Ghost Ship: A Cape Cod Story
2007 I Heard That Song Before
2008 Where Are You Now?
2009 Just Take My Heart
2010 The Shadow of Your Smile
2011 I’ll Walk Alone
2011 The Magical Christmas Horse (illustrated by Wendell Minor)
2012 The Lost Years
2013 Daddy’s Gone a Hunting
2013 Plot Thickens
2015 The Melody Lingers On
2016 Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories
2018 I’ve Got My Eyes on You
2019 Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry

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Alvirah and Willy series
Focuses on Alvirah Meehan, a lottery winner, and her husband Willy, a plumber, as they solve many crimes and murders.
1987 Weep No More, My Lady
1992 Plumbing For Willy
1994 The Lottery Winner and Other Stories
1998 All Through the Night
2000 Deck the Halls (with daughter Carol Higgins Clark, crossover with Carol’s main protagonist Reagan Reilly, a female private investigator)
2004 The Christmas Thief (with daughter Carol Higgins Clark, crossover with Carol’s main protagonist Reagan Reilly)
2006 Santa Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea (with daughter Carol Higgins Clark, crossover with Carol’s main protagonist Reagan Reilly)
2008 Dashing Through the Snow (with daughter Carol Higgins Clark, crossover with Carol’s main protagonist Reagan Reilly)
2011 I’ll Walk Alone
2012 The Lost Years
2016 As Time Goes By
2017 All By Myself, Alone

Under Suspicion series
Focuses on Laurie Moran, producer on the television series “Under Suspicion”, a documentary program which investigates unsolved cold cases.  

2014 I’ve Got You Under My Skin
2014 The Cinderella Murder (co-authored with Alafair Burke)
2015 All Dressed in White (co-authored with Alafair Burke)
2016 The Sleeping Beauty Killer (co-authored with Alafair Burke)
2017 Every Breath You Take (co-authored with Alafair Burke)
2018 You Don’t Own Me (co-authored with Alafair Burke) 

2001 Kitchen Privileges: A Memoir 


“If you want to be happy for life, love what you do.” ~ Mary Higgins Clark


Rest in Peace Queen of Suspense

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