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Submit your story to the RAC!

Authors, submit your short story (<1200 words) to Please include a photo and a bio, including social links, so readers can get in contact with you. All submitting authors can send in an Ad (authors often work with to create a book ad) to be included in the issue, if you’d like.

Why submit a short story to RAC?

First, writing stories can help an author keep their skills up between book projects. 

Second, recognition and validation. We appreciate your efforts and will spread the word about you as an author by creating an author page on our website, highlighting your stories on our new Short Story Saturday feature, and on our FB Group (which is automatically tweeted to our peeps.). (Your submitted story will also automatically be included in our end of the year Story of the Year Reader Awards.)

Third, having your name at different venues helps you, as an author (your brand) get noticed.

Fourth, while we do not pay for submissions at this time, Authors find that payment is often in the form of new fans, readers, and book sales. :o)

Fifth, because you want to!

If you’d like to submit: 

For Short Story Saturday, you may submit any short story. Keep it under 5,000 words.

For RAC’s online magazine, please follow the issue’s theme.

Our next issue, November 2019 has the theme: Who Dunnit? Deadline: November 10, 2019.

January’s theme will be posted soon.

_Who dunnit__ Mystery issue #8 november 2019








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