Karen McCrea, Third Place winner of RAC’s 2019 Short Story Contest


I’m a latecomer to writing, not having started until I was in my forties, and even then it was an accidental thing but I discovered a whole new love. I haven’t had much time at all to give it until maybe the last five or six years, after making some significant changes in my life. I’ve been fortunate to find my way into excellent writing groups, which has been enormously helpful, both in developing my writing skills and in finding an affirming ‘tribe’ of fellow souls. I’ve had poetry published, and won some competitions for flash fiction, poetry and this year,  July-August was a trifecta – I won prizes for a novel, a short story (this one) and a poem!  I have a new novel on the desk, I’m finishing the one that won the award, and I have another two or three in need of resuscitation in an e-drawer. I should probably make a writerly website, so I’ll put that on the to-do list at once 🙂
I’m also a Clinical Psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist. I took year off a few years ago, moved across the country and although I had no conscious intention to retire from my profession, I think I might have, scary and mad as it seems. Now, I live with my husband (the worlds most supportive man) in a small rural village by the Wombat Forest, renovating our little cottage and giving serious thought about what we really need in this age of maximum consumerism, (slowly) making a abundant, beautiful and productive garden, and accruing an alarming number of abandoned or feral cats that need loving. The pay for this new life is lousy, but I love it! 
Short Stories: 

Roadkill: Third Place in 2019 RAC’s Short Story Contest

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