J.P. Willson is an accomplished chef who’s worked in some of Vancouver and Victoria’s most prestigious kitchens. Having put pen to paper from a young age as simply a hobby and now as a published author of two self-help books. Living and working in Victoria, British Columbia with a children’s book and a pair of non-fiction works in the very near future, life has become anything but laid back and ordinary.   


Short Stories

November 2018: Autumn, Issue #2 Theme: Poetry

January 2019: The Story of Fred and Ethel, Issue #3 Theme: Romance… or Not

May 2019 Issue #5 (Theme: Transitions): Circumstances Joseph Willson

July 2019 Issue #6 (Theme: Landmarks): Beacon Hill Park 

November 2019 Issue #8 (Theme: Whodunnit): That One Lone Rose




November 2018: Autumn

A season,

sense of solitude, comfort, peace. 

Changes on the horizon,
Always of renewal, a beginning of sorts. 

Serenity, wonder, calm,
The intrinsic majesty of all things mature and grand. 

A season,
A time,
A person.    

Reflective, insightful, compassionate yet strong,
Nostalgic, intelligent, a friend to all. 

Caring and kind, a beautiful mind. 

A season,
A person,
A time, 

wonder of nature. 

Comparatively speaking, they are one in the same.  

Yet on their own, will always be known as,
wonder of nature. 

A season. A time. 

Most importantly, the person…  


January 2019: The Story of Fred and Ethel

For all intents and purposes, I am going to say this is a fictional story, that none of this ever happened, that I truly made all of this up from my own twisted little mind. If you believe that, well I have some farmland to sell you in the Everglades. This is what I will refer to as the story of Fred and Ethel.  

Now Fred and Ethel met many years ago in a little seaside town of the Pacific Northwest. They were introduced to each other through a mutual friend and immediately hit it off. The conversation started out simply enough, they were both sitting at the bar top of a local restaurant, Fred was the sous chef of the place and had just finished work, enjoying a nice cold beer. Ethel had also just finished her shift at another restaurant not far away. She was a server and certainly enjoyed a cold one after work as well. The bartender had introduced them as he was a mutual friend and thought they might get along. (That last part is, in all truthfulness, a blatant outright lie, Ethel was dating the bartender previously and it had ended when Fred entered the picture.) Apparently, he was much cuter. 

As it turns out not only was the hospitality industry something they had in common, as was alcohol yet upon further conversation it seemed they both enjoyed art, music, and of all things, cats (cats though are not included in this short spiel as I was limited to 1000 words and cats take many more descriptors than that, so just in case- don’t get your hopes up waiting for said cats- not gonna happen)Right, back to our story.  

Ethel and Fred were indeed falling in love. They, of course also found each other quite physically appealing, which doesn’t hurt either and they continued to date. As it turned out Ethel was in art school and Fred was a chef, so they were both very artistic in their own rights, another further attraction. Yes indeed, things were happy and cheery and just downright ‘sic’ really. (sic meaning, a good thing for those of you not up on today’s lingo…) 

They had hit it off for lack of a better phrase; and continued seeing each other for a short time when they decided relatively quickly they would like to live together. Why not, they got along very well, they enjoyed doing the same things, overall just really enjoyed each others company. Throughout their relationship they did experience both good times and had their fair share of bad ones too yet always managed to come out on top no ‘worse for wear’ 

They became closer to each other and each others families until such a time they decided that children were in the cards, moreover, a daughter -Fred had always wanted a daughterI mention this simply because Fred, unbeknownst to Ethel had this sixth sense of sorts, he knew of the pregnancy before Ethel had even told him, and somehow knew this would be a girl. Sure there is a 50/50 chance either way- but still the feeling was so strong in him that it was a girl that was on the way….well he just knew. Did I forget to mention that at times Fred did become kind of full of himself? 

Ethel became pregnant and this was an amazing experience for the two of them. Throughout Ethel’s pregnancy the love between the two of them flourished. This child was bringing them even closer together than ever before. Both Fred and Ethel had been raised in loving and caring families, both were raised to know right from wrong, to care for their “fellow man”, and to just be kind and unpretentious as they grew into adulthood. Now they had the opportunity to instill these values within their own child and in doing so could only strengthen their own resolve, right?  

The level of commitment to each other was huge, never was there a thought, even an inclination of infidelity, it was a match that was perfect. The fact that they did eventually split up had nothing to do with not loving each other, moreover that of an addiction. They were both alcoholics. When Ethel had decided she wished to have a child she quit both smoking and drinking and never looked back. Unfortunately, Fred was not able to do so for many, many more years, the relationship as common law partners did indeed have to come to an end. Yes, my friends, the romance as it was -was now over… 

Yet even though the relationship had ended the two of them collectively agreed that they both needed to be in the child’s life for many more years to come as that of the good parents they had the value of being raised with and therefore have a shared mutual friendship still today because of that child that has now ventured out on her own making a life for herself. Because of the previous relationship Fred and Ethel had shared and the strength of that coupling, they both still are aware and appreciate the value of their friendship which is why it continues to this day.  

Romantic, huh?  

And they all lived happily ever after. Really. 



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