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About CeeCee James 

CeeCee James is a USA Today bestselling writer who got her story-telling feet wet with the many bedtime stories she told her children through the years. Some of her mystery series include- the Baker Street Mysteries, Angel Lake Cozy Mysteries, and the Oceanside Hotel mysteries. She’s known for writing flawed sleuths with a good sense of humor and an added dash of romance.

Her favorite place to write is curled up in an oversized squashy chair with a cup of coffee and a sleeping dog by her feet. She has two mini-dachshunds who like to snore and chase things in their sleep. In honor of them, there are usually dogs in her books, with the exception of the Angel Lake series, which has a cat in honor of the one in her author picture.

Writing has been a lifelong passion. Her first published works was nonfiction Ghost No More. She loves writing about love and the celebration of life. 



Hi CeeCee, thank you for agreeing to an interview with The RAC Magazine, we really appreciate it. What area in the world are you located? 

Thank you for inviting me! What an honor. I call the Pacific Northwest home, and I’m not too far from Seattle.  

Besides your Circus Cozy Mysteries (which caught our eye since this is the Carnival issue), you have at least five other series written (wow, impressive!). Do you have a favorite? 

Funny you should ask. It cracks me up because I always love my newest book baby and think it’s the best of the best. Then I start working on a new one and think the same thing all over again.  

I believe the reason each story becomes my favorite is because of the new world I get to delve into and explore. So far, I have a series (Baker Street Mysteries) with a tour guide who investigates American Revolutionary Sites (quite exciting!). I have another (Oceanside Mysteries) which features a five star hotel manager who has madcap adventures from movie stars to new money entrepreneurs who stay at her establishment. Let’s see, there’s another one (Angel Lake Cozy Mysteries) that’s special to me that features a small-town girl who’s come home to get her feet back under her and start over. She scrambles for jobs to support herself and ends up in all sorts of crazy scenarios. Then my circus ones, like you’ve mentioned (I adore Cirque de Slay, Big Top Treachery, and Trixie!) And now my newest series, the Flamingo Realty Mysteries, which features a flamingo. Nothing strange about that except the realty is in Pennsylvania. There’s quite the story behind that! 

Where do you get your ideas for all these fabulous stories? 

Aww, thank you. I’ve always had a crazy imagination, which has rescued me out of more than one situation. And I’ve always adored writing and creating stories, something my kids really appreciated. Especially at bedtime!  

Your memoir, Ghost No More: A True Story of Escape, is the 2016 SIBA First Place Memoir winner. Can you tell us about it, and tell us your motivation for writing it? 

Woohoo! What a loaded question. Okay, I’ll try to keep this concise. My motivation was to share my escape from some extreme circumstances that occurred during my childhood and teenage years. I believe everyone’s story is important. It’s what brought them to where they are now. I hoped that by sharing mine it would help validate that there is light at the end of the tunnel and there can be beauty that comes from the darkest times and ashes we experience.  

To this day, I’m an advocate for adult survivors of child abuse and assault, and I’m doing my best to help bring change to some of the laws in our country, specifically the statute of limitations for child sexual assault. So, if I can put a plug in here, I encourage anyone who is reading this to drop a note to their representative and senator (doesn’t have to be fancy), asking for no statute of limitations. I don’t think that every victim has to report the crime (sometimes it’s all we can do to heal) but I do think there needs to be an option available for everyone to seek justice. Thanks for letting me share! 


https://www.senate.gov (and search for contact to find your state) 


Whats next for you? New series or another book in an existing one? 

Right now I’m head over heels with my newest series, Flamingo Realty Mysteries. I’m writing every day. I do have plans for my other series as well: more books in the Baker Street Mysteries, and more in the Cozy Circus mystery series. Plus a few surprises here and there! 

What Readers are dying to know about you:  

Chocolate or Chips? Haha! What a great question. Can I say both? No? Okay my vote’s going for chocolate.  

Dine in or Eat out? I hate to cook, but I like being at home at night. I think I may have some Hobbit in my blood. Minus the hairy toes. LOL So my vote is to eat something simple at home. Of course, if someone wants to cook for me, then I’m all about that. 

Beach or Mountain? I love the mountains. Right now, all the ones around me are covered in snow. In fact, the sun is just about to set, blanketing the trees in pink light, like colored sugar on a frosted cookie. Gorgeous. But my heart belongs to the beach. I love the oceans, although the beaches out in Washington are different than most might expect. They are covered in seaweed, pebbles, and driftwood. I have many fond memories scouring the beach under the gray sky in search for seashells or a magical piece of sea glass.  

Tea or Coffee?  Coffee with sugar or stevia please and thank you. Some of my favorite flavors are hazelnut or cinnamon.  

Sleep in or Stay up late?  Hoot Hoot! I’m a night owl. I try very hard to keep a somewhat normal schedule, but it only takes one late night to mess it all up again.  

Socks or Barefeet? Depends on if my feet are cold or not. I hate having cold feet. Or too hot. LOL I’m like the Princess and the Pea when it comes to temperature. I like it just right 

Read one book at a time, or read several at a time? Books are precious to me. I’ve always read just one book at a time. That is, until recently. Now I have such an eclectic taste I have two, sometimes three going at the same time. It helps to dive in for a quick escape when I need to clear my mind. In one of my books, I have a character (a bookstore owner, actually) explain the name of his bookstore this way.  

Capture the Magic bookstore. What an interesting name. Do you do magic? Elise asked. 

I do magic every day.” His face became serious. Every time I sell a book. I offer adventure to the housebound, love and romance to the lonely, heroes for those who need vindication, and laughs for those with no one to joke with.” He took a sip of his coffee, then looked at her with his brow wrinkled and a twinkle in his eyeSo yes, I guess you could say Im a magician. 


Thank you again, CeeCee. We wish you all the best with your writing future. 

I want to thank you! And a big thank you to every reader who shared this interview with me! 


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