We sure hit the jackpot this month as far as creativity! Thank you, writers, for entertaining us in the first quarter of 2020.

This was Connection Cafe’s First Quarter 2020 Photo Prompt:

Photo by Joanie Chevalier, Castle Dome Mining Museum Yuma, Arizona


Here are the Stories:

Whispering Oaks by Jeff Van Valer
Whispering Oaks’ Homeowner’s Association requires homeowners to mow their yard…and to clean up their tumbleweeds. Maybe that’s why they left in droves.

The Ghost of Jethro Spooner by Clabe Polk
Reporter Jim Zimmerman tries to unravel the mystery behind the man named Jethro Spooner. 

The Extras by Trisha J. Kelly
A storm is a-brewin’ as actors film in an old deserted mining town.

Aftermath by Kim Rigby
As fire destroys all they hold dear, a family comes to grips about what’s really important.

Beckett’s Old Place by M Collie
Finding his old childhood home again, Beckett has more than a celebration on his mind.

She Couldn’t Cook Neither by Joanie Chevalier
Mining is hard, especially in a sun-soaked desert town in the 40s. It’s also hard…to get a wife.

The Crossing by Jane Jago
Being an independent woman in the mid-40s calls for drastic measures.



I recently found a fascinating sci-fi online magazine website, Antipodean SF, complete with a radio show. Read more about the website and founder Ion “Nuke” Newcombe here.


Blogs From Around the World


An exceptional blog is when we are encouraged to explore new worlds, allowing us to think, imagine, and wonder. This quarter we feature:

Kayleigh Louise Brown, Cooking the Books: Feeding the soul one story at a time

What we love about Kayleigh is when we visit her blog, we feel we’re having a fun discussion about books and stories with a good friend. Here is what she says at her blog: “Reading is a way for me to escape everyday life and my anxieties. This is true for a lot of people. But a good book, exciting characters and new places to visit whilst sat in your comfy spot is the best therapy.”

Kayleigh supports authors in many ways. Her blog, even though new, is full of author spotlights, blog tour notices, book reviews, cover reveals, and more. You really should check it out. Not only will you find a good book to read, but you’ll also gain a new friend, too.

Kayleigh tells us more about herself:

88339874_197603361573413_5816888802718777344_n.pngI live in the UK originally from Norfolk I now live in South Yorkshire with my two boys 9 and 5 who keep me on my toes! And my partner of 14 years. I am your typical stay at home mum our family dynamic has meant that I have stayed at home whilst Daddy goes to work. Reading is my main hobby and the past two years almost is when I have really gone at it and found some pretty fabulous authors. Now that my youngest son is at school full time I am pursuing a career as a teaching assistant, something I have wanted to do for a long time. Whilst reading I love to snack! Probably not the best idea when reading a paperback! My favourite things to eat are, chocolate, nuts and crisps and of course coffee. Although I have to drink decaf because it plays havoc with my anxiety, sorry coffee lovers! That’s me. x

Get in touch with Kayleigh:
Cooking the Books Website



Writers! How about showing off your creative talent? Submit for 2020 Second Quarter! Every story submitted will be posted in Connection Cafe’s Short Story Saturday and will be featured on Connection Cafe’s Facebook Group for all to admire. :o) 

Submit to: connectioncafeinfo.com
Requirements: Up to 1200 words (flash fiction okay)
Please include an author bio, with social links, and a photo with your email

Here is the photo prompt for Second Quarter 2020.
Have fun and submit. Readers are waiting!


Until next time.  Happy reading!