November 2019 Cover

Hi Readers, Authors, and Supporters of RAC Online Magazine! 

RAC’s Issue #8 was a fun one for me. First, sorry to brag, but I get to read all the stories before anyone else :o). Second, I love whodunnit stories. Third, the submitting authors are eager to show their talent, so their stories are just fabulous and creative. Fourth, I ‘met’ (via social media of course) James (Jay) Cudney, who turned out to be the nicest guy. Fifth, I am LOVING what I’m doing: showcasing authors and connecting them to readers.

Going forward, RAC will be published each quarter. Starting in 2020, the publication dates are:

February 15
May 15
August 15
November 15

February’s theme is a Photo Prompt. Authors, sharpen your pencils and put on your thinkin’ cap! Here is the prompt (it’s my own photo taken at Castle Dome Mine Museum, near Yuma, Arizona):

FB Feb 2020 Photo Prompt

Thank you again for your support for RAC’s mission of promoting the Reader/Author Connection!

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