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RAC’s November 2019 Issue #8 is out and who better to interview for our Whodunnit issue than James Cudney.

I ‘met’ Jay on Goodreads several years ago. I was amazed at Jay’s energy… he is an active book reviewer, author, blogger, an avid genealogist, a person who loves to cook, and has a cute fur baby named Baxter.  His blog has almost nine thousand fans, and he has over twenty-five hundred Goodreads followers (he is also a top reviewer on GR). One can literally spend hours on his blog, it’s so interesting. 

His latest books are cozy mystery.

Braxton Campus Mysteries (4)

Here’s Jay’s bio:

James is my given name; most call me Jay. I grew up on Long Island and currently live in New York City, but I’ve traveled all across the US (and various parts of the world). After college, I spent 15 years working in technology and business operations in the sports, entertainment and media industries. Although I enjoyed my job, I left in 2016 to focus on my passion: telling stories and connecting people through words. My debut novel is ‘Watching Glass Shatter,’ a contemporary fiction family drama with elements of mystery, suspense, humor and romance. My second novel is Father Figure, a contemporary drama about two young women’s journeys on a college campus filled with secrets and tragedy. My third, fourth, and fifth novels are a new mystery series focusing on Braxton Campus. To see samples or receive news from my current and upcoming books, please subscribe with your email address at my website: https://jamesjcudney.comand you can buy the books via Amazon. 

View Jay’s interview in November issue: Nov 2019 Issue #8.

Thank you, Jay, for spending some time with RAC and supporting our mission of promoting and encouraging the reader/author connection!

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