We all survived the first year of the RAC. What a year! 

We made mistakes in the first few months, costing some money, but we also had some successes too. Sandy, my RAC partner, left the RAC without notice after the March issue so I’ve been on my own since. I stayed busy: I revamped the website and made author pages. I created a new logo and offered the online magazine for free. I hired my niece to manage our twitter account.  

Since Sandy had all the printing equipment and updated subscriber information, I had no choice but to abruptly stop the print issues (we had the plan of not printing after the one-year anniversary anyway since we found it to be very expensive to print and mail). Through frustrating times of no internet (I was living and working in Yellowstone National Park the summer of 2019), I forged ahead on my own.  

Here’s a little story. About six or seven years ago, I submitted a short story in a Facebook group contest. It’s a story I wrote many years ago. I won the contest by popular vote. I never forgot that contest and how it prompted my self-confidence as a writer. I went on to write more short stories and then published several books. I believe in the short story, and I believe that perhaps there’s a writer out there who needs to believe in herself, just like I did. That’s a reason why I won’t give up.  

I can see the RAC magazine in the future. I’ll still be publishing stories from emerging authors. I hope to be paying them some day. Readers will still want to be involved. Reading and connecting will never die. 

In the one-year celebration issue, you will find the top stories from RAC’s first short story contest, the top three stories for the year, and a recap of our Author Interviews.   

Thank you for hanging in there with me. I appreciate YOU!  

Cheers to RAC’s first year, and hopefully, many more!  Thank you all again, for helping me promote and encourage the Reader/Author Connection.

Joanie Chevalier 
Editor and Founder of RAC: Promoting the Reader/Author Connection 

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