We have some wonderful stories in our July issue. The theme is Landmarks. Here’s a summary:

A Midwestern Edwardian Home by Christopher Allen

Note from the author: The story itself is based on a true story. One I lived. It took place in the 1980s. It has been slightly modified to reveal no actual details about anyone. No particular location or actual place names have been used. I like to think of it as a story with a slight historical reference with a twist.



The Waning of Mrs. Moon by C.A. Asbrey

Molly Moon committed suicide in 1904, and her husband built her a brick mausoleum. He washed and redressed her body, and brushed her hair, until the body mummified, obsessed…

Mrs Moon.PNG

The Lighthouse
by Gill Bird

“Most of the time he’d stand thinking, gazing out to sea puffing away on an empty pipe, making curious phutting sounds as his lips clamped round its briar wood. Sometimes that phutting would be accompanied by the biggest of sighs.”


The Ghost of Yellowstone Lake Dorm
by Joanie Chevalier

Some of the residents accept Dave Edwards and call him a friendly ghost. Some are frightened. Perhaps all Dave Edwards is seeking is a peaceful final resting place?



The Stones by Jane Jago

“…the stone that had stood proud for millennia fell to one side with an earth-shattering crash… In the absolute silence that followed this disaster a brown face poked its way out of the earth… and used up two days’ worth of words in one go… “Oh bugger”…


A Little Piece of Heaven by Trisha J. Kelly

“I will never forget reaching the top and just sitting, drinking in the views. When I sent a postcard home, featuring Skiddaw, I told my parents it was like sitting in heaven. I haven’t changed my opinion on that.”


Left Side of the Road

 by Toni Kief

“There are seventeen sandstone rocks, all nearly my height, and filled with gratitude that this place of spirit still stood. The primary altar still faced the sunset and sat opposite of entrance stones all warm to touch. It felt of home, though I had never been to Ireland.”

author (1).jpg


The Breakers by Eva Pasco

“The Breakers is one of several mansions of the Gilded Age on Ochre Point Avenue in Newport, Rhode Island. The grandest of summer “cottages,” it symbolizes the Vanderbilt family’s social and financial prominence at the turn of America’s
twentieth century.”

The Breakers (1)

The Grand Canyon Adventure
by Lisa Post

“At a year old my parents, myself and my brother all took off on the road. My father was never one to sit still for long. So my mother being 40 at the time and my father 36 they packed up what was necessary and headed out to the open road. I of course had no clue at the time I was on the trip of all trips.”



The Huron Suite by Elicia Raprager

“After an adventurous day of exploring the sights and shops of Mackinac Island, we returned to the hotel. We swapped our casual clothes for our formal wear. I wore a pink floor length dress. He wore a sharp black suit with a lavender dress shirt. As we headed to dinner, the hotel photographer offered a complimentary photo session. We accepted. Those photos were one of our most cherished souvenirs.”

The Grand Hotel (2)


Beacon Hill Park – Truly My Favorite Place by Joseph Willson

“Sure, nobody has spent 14 years carving the faces of president’s into solid rock like that
of Mt. Rushmore yet there is a totem pole so tall it had to be cut in half so planes wouldn’t fly into it. That’s almost as neat… It’s not a National park either but it does have Heritage designation from the City of Victoria. For us though it’s the memories it holds. That’s what makes it a landmark in our minds.”



Thank you, Authors!

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