We had over 400 entries to our giveaway for The Tuscan Secret, by Angela Petch (I kept it a private giveaway so our friends would have a better chance of winning). I have one more Amazon certificate. Soooo….visit RAC’s FB Group page and reply with a gif or a comment for a random chance to receive a kindle copy of The Tuscan Secret. You will LOVE it! (If you already have it, enter for a friend!)

Deadline: July 19

Angela Petch4

One thought on “The Tuscan Secret Book Giveaway!

  1. Wow! That is absolutely amazing. I am so, so delighted. Thank you very much for organising this, Joanie. xxx And, whoever receives it, I hope they 1. Enjoy it 2. Leave a review, as these are so very helpful to readers to widen the audience.

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