We have some wonderful stories in our May issue. The theme is Transitions. Here’s a summary:

The Times Have A’ Changed, by Christopher Allen. An 84-year-old veteran tries to explain how time flies to his grandson.
“…it all passed in the blink of an eye.”
Planet, Moon, Orbit, Solar System, Space

The Op, by Nathan Bush, is about a soldier ready to risk his life to take out the most wanted drug lord of Columbia.
“I steeled my nerves, tossed up a quick supplication for a successful mission, and readied myself to transition from silent observer to hell bringer.”

The Ring
, by Joanie Chevalier. A woman, who lost her favorite ring, learns to accept herself as she is.
“But the difference from that time to now, is the self-acceptance. I’ve learned to forgive myself for past mistakes. I’ve learned to love myself as I am.”
Beach, Coastline, Dawn, Girl, Human

Love Eternal
, by Trisha J. Kelly.
A man and woman searching for their true love…will they ever find each other?
“None of these ladies held a candle to his beautiful amour. His secret love.”
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More than a Colonel,
by Toni Kief. A young man leaves for the Marines and loses his love. He never forgot her.
“Never forgotten, were the precious memories packed in a box which was kept with him as he served all over the world. A poor substitute for the missing love.”
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Twisting and Turning
by Paula Puolakka
“Suddenly, a news bulletin echoing from the pocket radio on the counter froze Bob’s brain: “An earthquake of 8.6 magnitudes hits California. A mega-tsunami is on its way.” Wow, Bob thought. Nature truly had the greatest transitions.”
Lightning, City, Night, Sky, Weather


The Divine Heart, by Clabe Polk. A human heart, printed out from a 3D printer… will it be a lifesaver or will the experiment go haywire?
“Soon, the print-head would begin to deliver living cells to the surface of the scaffold, a living framework in itself around which cells would cluster eventually after many passes of the print-head…a model human organ.”
No photo description available.


Circumstance, by Joseph Patrick Willson, an inspirational short story about kicking an addiction.
“I now am encroaching upon five years of sobriety and in all truth, these past five years, mostly spent in the downtown east side of Vancouver, have been the most difficult challenge of my life. Would I change any of it? Absolutely not.”
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2 thoughts on “Short Stories in The RAC’s May, 2019, Issue

  1. The RAC Magazine is really starting to catch traction. The way it’s organized and the features make it hard to put down. I am truly looking forward to the Short Stories offered in the upcoming issue. Especially from Joanie Chevalier. Having read some of her previous work I know that one will be good.

  2. Thank you for catching that, Paula. It is now corrected and we’ve added your link too. Thank you for your contribution to The RAC Magazine!

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