We are excited to introduce you to The RAC Magazine’s three judges for the 2019 Short Story Writing Contest. (See details here.)

Our first introduction was to Daniel Scott White. See more about Daniel here.

Our second introduction was to Suzan St Maur. See more about Suzan here.

Our final introduction is to The RAC Magazine’s Elite Reader Group. We’ve rounded up a group of Readers who love reading and as a whole will be our third judge in the writing contest. No worries, Authors, these special people are known to us and can be trusted with your short story. We have faith that they will render an honest score to the twelve stories they will be judging.

*The final twelve stories (the best of the submissions as judged by Sandy and Joanie, co-founders and editors of The RAC Magazine), will be sent to all the judges without identifying information.*

The following are the bios of the members of the Elite Reader Group.

Jerry is an avid reader of all genera but mostly nonfiction, philosophy and the classics. Some favorite authors include Rand, J. Chevalier, Huxley, Thompson and Saul. Currently residing in Idaho.


I’m married to my wonderful husband, Terry. Between us we have six kids and thirteen grandkids. We love it when they come to visit! I enjoy doing home improvements, planting spring flowers, looking for antiques, reading and spending time with our pup Emma.


Patti lives in sunny Yuma, Arizona and loves to read. She devours two to three books per week. She never leaves home without her kindle! Her favorite genres are spiritual/clean romance and mysteries.


Cristina: Cristina lives in Washington state and has three boys, ages 12, 10, and 2. She works as a school bus driver, and loves to bake, sketch and create Native American bead projects in her spare time. Her favorite thing to do is to relax by the fire and watch movies with her kids. Her favorite genre to read is mystery.

I’m Cass, an avid reader by night and a court specialist and photographer by day. I’m married to the love of my life and we have two gorgeous fur babies we rescued from dog fighting rings.


I love living outside of a small town, yet within 30 miles of a city. Reading comes with less interruption in this laid-back lifestyle. I love books on mysteries, fantasy, romance, history, and stories on everyday life. I’m fascinated and also frustrated that there are people that can write those stories, but I can’t for the life of me. RAC Magazine is a wonderful way for us readers to get acquainted with the authors that submit their wonderful stories.

Authors, keep those stories coming in. The top twelve stories will be published in The RAC’s Sept 2019 issue, which is also our one-year celebration issue!  Whoop-Whoop!

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