Another Author Spotlight in The RAC Magazine’s Issue #3, Romance… or Not, is on D.H. Nevins, author of The Wormwood Trilogy.

DH Nevin

D.H. Nevins was born in Toronto and currently lives in a quiet area of Ontario, surrounded by forests and lakes. By day, she is a personable, friendly school teacher. By night, she silently chuckles as she writes about destroying the world. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys world travel, hiking, camping, flying around on her motorcycle or dabbling in live theatre.

D.H. answers one of our questions:

Your book, Wormwood, is not your typical romance story. In fact, it is listed under the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre. Please tell us more about Kali and who she falls in love with.

I agree; Wormwood certainly doesn’t fall within typical romantic tropes. If I ever tried to market it as such, romance readers would probably lynch me for drowning their sweet expectations with darkness and tension! Although Wormwood does have romance, it’s
deeply tormented.

Read more about D.H. Nevins in The RAC Magazine’s January 2019 issue.

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