We had positive responses to Connection Cafe’s first short story contest. That was fun; we’ll certainly have more!

The criteria for this contest was:

  • 1200 words or less
  • The story had to contain these items:
    • An orange
    • A map
    • Roadkill and/or a Tumbleweed
  • No excessive grammatical errors/typos

The Judges for this contest were:

Connection Cafe’s Elite Readers. (The Elite Readers were the judges for the first round, as a whole. Their individual scores were combined.) Meet the Elite Readers here.

Suzan St Maur. Read more about Suzan here.

Daniel Scott White. Read more about Daniel here.

(All stories to the judges were sent without author names.)

This is what the judges scored on:

Each item was rated 1-5 on the following criteria (1 being the lowest score, and 5 being the highest), and then added up for a total: 

  1. WOW factor: Is it gripping and entertaining? Does it make you feel good /excited /scared/ inspired? 
  2. Creativity/Originality 
  3. Language usage: Easy to read/no glaring errors. Please note that these stories are from all over the world, and UK spelling (e.g., colour for color)  (or different words used, e.g., ‘boot’ for ‘trunk’, ‘torch’ for ‘flashlight’, etc.) is not considered wrong. 
  4. Story Style: Is the story’s theme evident? Is it clear? Is it organized (or disorganized, depending on style)? 

Here are the Winners!

Graham Clayton

First Place Winner:
Graham Clayton
Final Score: 160
Title: The Emu and The Orange




Clabe Polk 2nd Place 2019.png

Second Place Winner:
Clabe Polk
Final Score: 153
Title: Rustler Luke



Karen McCrea 3rd Place 2019.png


Third Place Winner:
Karen McCrea
Final Score: 148
Title: Roadkill


Honorable Mentions 2019.png

Jacky Dahlhaus
Final Score: 146
Title: Perspective

Jane Jago
Final Score: 144
Title: There’s a Killer on the Road

Celia Micklefield
Final Score: 139
Title: Drinking Raindrops

Lindy Spencer
Final Score: 127
Title: Date with Destiny


The above stories will be in RAC’s September 2019
One Year Celebration Issue #7!

Thank you, authors, for your submissions.

Thank you, Judges.

Until next time…..