RAC Book Giveaway Dec 2018 FB EventPlease join us Dec. 6, 7 & 8 for our first Holiday Book Giveaway and enter to win some free books. All posts will be kept open until Sunday, 3pm (US Mountain Time) and Winners will be announced at 6pm.

Be brave and try out a new author! You’ll be glad you did.


Enter a chance to win books by these Authors:

Thursday, 12/6

8am: Ellie Collins & Kay Castaneda

11am: Sarah Northwood & Nathan Bush

2pm: Mette Barfelt, Clayton Graham & Erin Sweet Al-Mahairi

5pm: Victoria Williams, Jacky Dahlhaus & Cherry Christensen

8pm: Celia Micklefield, Revell Cornell & Dale Dwyer

Friday, 12/7

8am: Michael Stewart & Jeff Van Valer

11am: Helen Pryke, Christopher Allen & Nellie Neves

2pm: Jena Henry, Terry Marchion & Toni Kief

5pm: India Kells, Keith Guernsey & M.C. Glan

8pm: Trisha Kelly, Joanie Chevalier & Tom Johnson

Saturday, 12/8

8am: J.D. Estrada & Jennifer Peacock-Smith

11am: Jackie Weger & Suzan St Maur

2pm: Annette Spratte, Anais Chartschenko & Liam Birkner

5pm: Eva Pasco & Jessica Baumgartner

Good Luck!

Holiday Book Giveaway

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