In The RAC Magazine’s November Poetry issue, Annette Spratte wrote an excellent article about her love for Shakespeare (as well as being featured as November’s Guest Reviewer).



An excerpt:

“While travelling England in my late teens, I visited Stratford-upon-Avon and Shakespeare’s birthplace and went to see “Much ado about nothing” performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. I had a ball. It was so funny, I hung sideways in my seat with hysterics. Isn’t that amazing? Even after roughly 500 years, his humor still catches. His words carried through the centuries and haven’t lost their ability to touch.” 

And she gives us a few personal thoughts:

“Poetry is very special. There’s a whole lot of meaning condensed into a few words and there are no rules to say what that meaning is. There will be poems you read that mean absolutely nothing to you. There will be poems which are nice to read and evoke some emotion, no matter whether happy or sad, longing or melancholic.  
And then there are poems which will unlock a secret door in your soul and take up residence there, becoming a treasure you will carry with you forever.”

Read Annette’s full article (and her book review) in The RAC (Reader/Author Connection) Magazine’s November Poetry Issue #2.

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