Celia Micklefield wrote a story for our September 2018 New Beginnings issue titled: A Practical Woman. In it, a retirement-aged woman contemplates her future and finds there might be a surprise in it for her, if only she’d allow herself not to worry about failure. A must read for readers of all ages!

Here is Celia’s bio.

I learned to read when I was three years old and loved books ever since. I read a wide selection of genres so I suppose it’s no surprise I enjoy writing in different genres too. Sometimes I find it difficult to classify my novels because they could fit in several: contemporary literary fiction; women’s fiction; psychologically dark drama; family saga, for example. I’ve written two collections of short stories as well. A Practical Woman is taken from my second collection, Queer as Folk.
That’s how I began: writing short stories for a UK women’s magazine. While I enjoyed working within the constraints of acceptable storylines I longed for more. I wanted to write about life in all its colours and how ordinary people sometimes learn to face extraordinary circumstances. All my work is character-led. I spend a lot of time analysing who they really are before I give them anything to say. I choose settings I know well: the north of England and Yorkshire in particular where I’m from; Occitanie in the south of France where I lived for nine years; Wiltshire, a southern county in England where my sister lives and where I love to visit; Norfolk on the east coast where I live now. My current work in progress is set here and is a darkly comical battle of the sexes for the older reader, Boomers like me who’d like characters with whom they can more readily identify. I wrote a post about older readers on my website. Here’s a link:
My website tagline is ‘write from the heart’. I love stories that fire up your emotions and make you care what happens next. If you have to reach for the tissues, all the better!
I have a condition called CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) which developed after I was hit and knocked down by a careless driver. My bones healed but other bits of me didn’t so I’m left with a painful condition for which there’s no cure as yet. It means I’m slow. It takes me longer to write now so I ask for your patience in replying to comments on my website or Facebook author page.
So, please, follow me on my Celia Micklefield author page on Facebook. It’s where I post news about Freebie days for all my books and links to new posts on my website


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