Revell Cornell wrote a short story for our September 2018 New Beginnings issue titled: Kathleen’s Monologue. It is a riveting chapter from a book he’s working on about a young woman who has been laying low…until she decides to rise up and fight…for her country and her loved ones.

Excerpt: “But, things are better nowadays; we’re a modern country, with new Hi-tech industries, and a pretty buoyant economy. Good, eh? So, I should be glad, I suppose, and let bygones be bygones. Yeah? Sorry, I can’t. Your lot killed my father. I want revenge, and I’ve got the formula.”

Here is Revell’s bio.

I live in the North East of England.

Being a finalist in an Alibi T.V./Harper Collins crime short story competition spurred me on to increase my then leisurely output of short story writing. 

My novels, ‘Speedy Emi’, ‘The Borders’, ‘Easy Killing’, and ‘The Pilgrim Seed’,’ are all available as e books on Amazon Kindle. Books that I have unpublished for periodical checking are ‘The Addiction Line’, ‘The Chosen One’, and ‘Rejected’.

I write crime from the criminal’s viewpoint; there are no plodding detectives in my books. My stories are structured around the shenanigans of criminals in dispute with other criminals, or the world in general. Even ‘Speedy Emi’ (based on the life of a young girl now living near my home town) is a story woven around crime. In fairness to Emi (not her real name) her well-documented life of crime was the result of her not too pretty childhood. If you think it’s hard to progress in a ‘man’s world’, see how this wonderful girl did it. 

There are few hero detectives in my stories.

My infamous claim to fame is that as a young boy, I was part of a group of kids that ‘borrowed’ a car belonging to a very famous London crime ‘Firm’. Once we’d discovered who the car belonged to, we dumped it pretty quick. I, like the other boys, never left home for a month; yep, we were scared witless. 

Many years later, a main member of the gang heard about our escapade, and how frightened we’d been. Apparently he laughed about it, flapped a dismissive hand, and said, ‘Tell them they’re forgiven’.

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