We know, we know… The requests for “New Beginnings” submissions have ceased. The September issue hasn’t even been published and we are already begging for more.

Well, as you all know, we do need to work ahead. Submissions for November’s edition have been trickling in over the past few months – and we LOVE it! Keep sending them in! And brainstorming has begun for the issue after that.


For now, the poetry-themed Puzzles & Games chapter is finished. Those of you who follow us on Twitter may have seen the result of a fact-checking endeavor. This particular poet found much of her inspiration within the realm of the unseen world. Needless to say, I have become fascinated with poets.

In case you haven’t noticed, there is an entire month separating one issue from the next. We can’t just sit back and relax for a few weeks – we want to continue the fun. So… we will take advantage of the “Fun Stuff” page on our website and post a themed “Countdown to…” calendar of sorts. Hence, all the odd requests.

The first mid-issue adventure will be “Countdown to … Halloween.” We will begin posting on October 10th so we would like to start gathering your thoughts now. What exactly are we looking for? Any family-friendly bit of fun you’d like to share with the world. We love anecdotes, photos, memories, unique traditions, lore & legends, etc…

Do you celebrate the Day of Dracula? How about Samhain or Pitru Paksha? Have you attended a Kawasaki Halloween Parade or The Hungry Ghost Festival? Tell us how you celebrate el Día de los Muertos (no, not a scary holiday – just grouped with them. Sorry). We want to invite all of you to share your Halloween’esque traditions with us.

Here’s a preview of my world:  Decades ago, Halloween in the US used to be much more destructive but much more creative. Instead of rummaging through the attic for inspiration as in the days of old, kids dress up in entirely too expensive costumes which are cheaply made by manufacturers. We then send our precious little angels, demons, and superheroes out into eerily-decorated neighborhoods to beg for candy from strangers.

Share with us for a chance to win 1 of 3 $5 Amazon gift cards. Submit your personal story, anecdote, photo, etc. to theracreader@gmail.com 

We are looking forward to posting your traditions on our website!!



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