Trisha J. Kelly wrote a story for our September 2018 New Beginnings issue titled: A Moment in Time. It is an excerpt of a longer story from her website that we’re sure you’ll find intriguing. I know I did!  Trisha (2)

Here is Trisha’s bio.

Trisha J Kelly was born in London in 1959. She has worked at various places. No longer confined to 9-5 she is living her dream by writing, receiving great feedback and wishing she started sooner!

After always wanting to write books for children, she is now doing just that. Life should be an adventure and the new series of Scarlett and Mason fantasy novels are designed to take you on a roller-coaster journey full of magical escapism and enjoyment. It’s all there.

Trisha lived in Colchester Essex for over 50 years and has now relocated to Suffolk. Married with two adult sons and sharing life with two naughty almost twelve-year-old, Lhasa Apso dogs. 

Growing up with just one younger brother who was always up to mischief, was all the inspiration needed to turn the book dream into a reality. Plus a big imagination. The first in the series, Discovering Witchetty Waters will transport you straight to another place where you will want to stay forever.

Trisha has now released six books in the Scarlett and Mason Series … Discovering Witchetty Waters…In the Wrong Lifetime…The Rise of Sorcha…When Some Were Missing…The Great Storm of 1397 – Plus a follow up to the series The Mystery of the Ancient Key.

In 2018 Trisha published the first of a two-part crime thriller series. Harry’s Secrets is a gritty hard-hitting account of two families and how they intertwine in a world of crime. Only something has to change, and the outcome can only result in death. Coming later this year The Conflict. Eighteen years after events dramatically changed the way of life for all concerned Stan Harris is finally released from prison. He goes straight back to where he left off, only this time, he is playing a very dangerous game.

Coming up in October 2018 is Trisha’s new book for children, 24 Sleeps to Go. A lovely advent of short stories for the 1st-24th December festive period. Young minds are going to love these enchanting Christmas tales.

Later in 2018 Trisha will be releasing her second crime thriller, it’s all go for this new author. Trisha runs an Indie group and helps in others, including moderating in Our Indie Author Room. 

Trisha has so many wonderful books…We want to give one away for free!
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