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Nathan Bush wrote a story for our September 2018 New Beginnings issue titled: The Object. It is a moving story that you will find touching and with a message you will take with you.

Here is Nathan’s bio. (Read all the way to the end; Nathan kindly offers a book giveaway!)

Hello out there to my fellow authors and reading enthusiasts.  My name is Nathan Bush, and I’m an Indie author.  And right about now you’re probably asking yourself, “Nathan who?”  I’m the one that you maybe have never heard of, or you’re undoubtedly trying to figure out why anyone would even consider allowing me to infringe upon your time with my writing, rambling, and drivel for a brand new magazine.  Me too!

If you’re like me, and if you’re looking forward to the RAC Magazine you must be, you have a love of reading, and maybe writing, as well.  So, let’s get acquainted.  I’m the author of The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District. A faith-based crime series with an edgy attitude.  I also have a short story side series, The Foley Chronicles: Dark Side of Foley.  It offers background information on some of my characters not necessarily found elsewhere, or just a side story I felt needed telling.

I have been writing since high school, where I contributed to the school newspaper and literary magazine, but I let life get in the way for many, many years before taking up the pen, uh, I mean laptop, and pursuing my dream of authorship once more.  I write in multiple genres, like a lot of authors, to include sci-fi, fantasy, horror, Christian fiction, crime, and some poetry thrown in for good measure.  But I find the small niche of Christian-crime to be the one I prefer.

I penned the first 2 books to my series in 2014, but didn’t publish the 1stvolume until 2016, then followed it up with the 2nd volume in 2017, and the 3rd volume in 2018, along with my first short story.  I also published a short article in a magazine in April 2018, and have another short story coming out in the RAC magazine, due in September.

I may not write what everybody prefers to read, but that’s what writing is all about, giving everyone a chance to explore new, and decidedly different, options.  And, of course, to entertain the reader by running them around the emotional roller coaster.  I hope you enjoy your reading experience, both in the RAC Magazine and whatever genre you choose.

**And for the fun festivities during the pre launch party, I will give away 1 (ONE) signed copy of my first novel, Written in Blood.  All you have to do is “Like” and “Follow” my facebook page AND leave a comment requesting to be entered into the drawing (Continental US only).  The contest will run until launch day.  The winner will be announced on my facebook page on 9/11/18.





3 thoughts on “Author Spotlight Series: Introducing Nathan Bush

  1. That’s an interesting mix of genres you have there, Nathan! It’s what I love about Indies – you can’t stick ’em in a drawer.

    1. Can’t ever be sure what you’ll feel like writing, so you can’t limit yourself on style. If you did stick us in a drawer, we’d just write ourselves a way out!

  2. Hello from Norfolk, UK, Nathan. Nice to meet you. Another writer and reader of multiple genres here. You’ve got to have some variety in your life! Best wishes, Celia

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