When I mentioned to Sandy that I’d be passing through Caldwell, Idaho, she told me that she was visiting her mom in a town just 30 minutes away. What? Wow, what an amazing opportunity to get together and talk shop! Sandy resides in Delaware and I roam the west coast, so I wasn’t even thinking that we’d meet in person any time soon. Again, what a great opportunity to meet in person, and I couldn’t pass it up.

Sandy’s mom lives in a beautiful small Idaho town, full of farms, cows, one traffic light …. and heat! The20180810_111737 high was 108 degrees the day we met (which they said was unusual, but still!). The heat was soon forgotten when Sandy took me to a cute corner deli where we had a delicious sandwich (we both ordered the same..a sign we’d get along great!) and talked about what excites us…our ideas about the magazine.

After lunch, Sandy took me sightseeing around the quaint town surrounded by mountains. It had that small town/country feel that had me thinking about tying up a hammock or rocking on the porch with an ice tea.

We arrived back at the house and spent several more hours collaborating. We came up with some wonderful ideas and events for the upcoming months…what a lucky bunch you readers are! (Thank you to Sandy’s mom too, who threw in a few good ideas!)

Not only do we share our passion for the mag, but we think alike in so many ways. I swear, we could probably read each other’s mind if we tried.

The first thing we noticed was that we were wearing the same type of shoe. Now, that tells a story right there, right?20180810_111840

We both love iced water…


We love the same website…


and of course, we both love reading.  Sharing our passion of connecting readers and authors by creating a magazine together seemed so natural, even when we began first talking about it not even six months ago (how time flies!).  Sandy is the perfect partner too…she’s dedicated, smart, meticulous, full of ideas, follows through, and reminds me of all the ideas I had that I had forgotten. And she’s good at reining me in when I tell her about a crazy idea that won’t work logistically…it just sounded fun to say.

The Idaho Branch Office

Thank you, Sandy, for being the best co-founder/partner I could ever want!

We’d love it if you’d share our passion with us! Join our prelaunch party on 8.15.18. Become one of our Sponsors. Subscribe. Be a part of the fun and excitement. (Shoe style optional.)

The RAC (Reader/Author Connection) Magazine’s first issue is 9.10.18. Don’t miss out!

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