Yesterday morning, Joanie and I had our second verbal communication. We must be gettingthumb-up-1460528_1920 down to the wire if I had to use my phone as… as… as… a phone!! After 90 minutes of serious discussion, we both came to the same conclusion; We Got This!

So far, we have 12 books to read & review, over 10 amazing short story submissions, 2 favorite reader interviews, 2 spotlight authors (1 chosen by myself and 1 by Joanie), 1 guest reviewer,  1 joke, and numerous people taking advantage of the free ad space. We have begun receiving submissions for November’s issue, and I also began filling in spaces for January’s issue! So excited!!

The pre-launch party on 8.15.18 will be the perfect time to reveal another magazine page or two (or more), as well as kick off a subscription drive. Referrals will be appreciated and rewarded. Jennifer Peacock-Smith has donated some of her beautiful hand-made bookmarks to be given away to lucky winners. (Thank you, Jennifer! I love mine!!)


The “Sponsorship” tab will actually have the information listed. Just picture your name in bold 42 pt font on our website and in print thanking you for your generous contribution for an entire year! I proposed a few more bennies, but we’ll just have to wait for the final decision.

As always, share share share.


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